Giving Back to Our Community to Help Improve Lives

At Landry Harris & Co. we have a strong belief in giving back to our community, which helps to improve the quality of life in our home base of Lafayette Parish.

Our philosophy goes far beyond merely writing checks. We believe in empowering people and helping to make life easier by positively impacting the personal lives of people in our community.

As such, we are proud to support organizations that truly make a difference in our community in areas such as healthcare, education, social services and more.

In order to keep our company’s donations in line with our giving philosophy, all requests for donations and sponsorships are reviewed by a board to select recipients. Recipients are selected according to whether the mission of the organization is compatible with the Landry Harris Corporate Giving philosophy and if funding requests are within our company’s annual giving budget.

If you would like to request a donation or sponsorship from Landry Harris & Co., please complete the request form below, which will be submitted to our review board.

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