Our Process

When you choose to do business with Landry Harris & Co., you are getting more than the services of a single Insurance & Risk Advisor. 

You are getting an entire team of insurance professionals who are in perpetual motion – constantly working to protect your interests. The fact is that we have developed a comprehensive process that includes many stages designed to continually give you the most for your insurance investment.

Following is a detailed, step-by-step description of our process. If you should ever have any questions or concerns regarding the handling of your account, please do not hesitate to contact our Operations Manager, Charon Harris. 

  • Several months before your account renews, our Business Development Coordinator will contact you to schedule an appointment with your personal Insurance & Risk Advisor. He/she will then meet with you in order to discuss any changes or concerns you may have with regard to your insurance program, as well as any changes in the market related to your particular industry.
  • The gathered information is then reviewed by your Advisor and turned over to our marketing department. Once in the marketing department, it is assigned to a Marketing Coordinator who becomes part of your service team.The Marketing Coordinator organizes the information into various submission packages and submits it to all carriers in the marketplace, both U.S. and foreign, who specialize in your business risk.
  • Your team also includes an Associate Marketing Coordinator, who follows up with the carriers on a regular basis to ensure they have all the necessary information to quote your business properly, timely and accurately.
  • As your quotes are received from the carriers, our marketing department conducts a comparative review of the quotes against your prior coverage and current needs. They then review all options with your Advisor to make certain your individual needs are being met.
  • Our Business Development Coordinator will then schedule an appointment for your Advisor to present a formal proposal of options on your account, and advise which option they feel is best for you.
  • The account is then bound and turned over to your Account Executive, who becomes your team leader for daily servicing, certificates of insurance, endorsements and any other needs that may arise.
  • Once your policy is received in our office, an Associate Account Manager, specializing in policy review, will check it for accuracy against what was submitted, quoted and currently in place on your account.
  • Our Business Development Coordinator will then set another appointment for your Advisor to deliver your policy, along with all contact information for your service team.
  • In addition to your Advisor and dedicated Account Executive, your team includes a Claims and Risk Control Specialist to assist with all claims reporting and to provide claims assistance and additional safety services as needed.

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